Dr Vijay Sawlani

Dr Vijay Sawlani, Consultant Neuroradiologist

 Dr Vijay Sawlani is a consultant Neuroradiologist at the University Hospitals Birmingham, and an Hon. Senior lecturer to University of Birmingham. He has been practising Neuroradiology since 1998. He is the clinical lead for Epilepsy and brain tumour imaging.

His interests include:

  • MRI and CT imaging of the brain and spine
  • Functional MRI scans
  • MR Spectroscopy
  • Diffusion and perfusion MRI
  • Diffusion Tensor Imaging
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Traumatic spinal injuries
  • Epilepsy
  • Demyelination
  • Strokes
  • Brain tumours

Throughout his time working as a Neuroradiologist, Dr Sawlani has completed several research projects and principle and co-investigator for many brain trauma, epilepsy and brain tumour projects and trials.

Dr Sawlani specializes in advanced MRI applications including Spectroscopy, diffusion, perfusion, DTI and Functional MRI.

Dr Sawlani is an elected member of American, European and British Societies of Neuroradiology. He has published more than twenty five scientific papers, presented more than forty papers and delivered about twenty invited lectures at national and international meetings.

Dr Sawlani has over 10 year’s medico-legal experience.