Our mission is to match the most appropriate expert to your case.

The medico-legal department is headed by a full discipline neurology service.

Our dedicated medico-legal neuroscience team have been involved in producing medical reports in cases where clients have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

By requesting information in relation to one of our experts, you agree to liaise solely through ourselves and not to make contact with them at their NHS post.  This ensures minimum disruption to NHS commitments and efficient continuity of service.

 If you require an expert that is bilingual/multilingual, please let us know.

 Neurologist & Epileptologist  Neuropsychologist & Psychologist  Neuroradiologist
 Neurophysiologist  Respiratory Physician  Maternal & Perinatal
 Paediatrics  GP & Aesthetics  Psychiatrist
 Orthopaedic Speech & Language Therapy  Physiotherapy