Neuropsychologist Medico-Legal expert Dr Hacker

Neuropsychologist Dr David Hacker here from SM Legal Services Medico-Legal and Neuroscience partnership to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a Consultant Neuropsychologist Medico-Legal expert based in Birmingham.

I have prepared formal reports for mental health review tribunals including those for restricted patients. I have prepared expert reports to provide a Neuropsychologist opinion for the court in both civil and criminal matters. These include assessment of acquired brain injury in civil compensation (personal injury and clinical negligence). I have undertaken reports under instruction from both Claimant and Defence.

In addition I undertake Occupational Health assessments, Medical Defense Union assessments, assessments of mental capacity, parenting assessments (where brain injury is a significant component), assessment of fitness to plead and competency to stand trial, forensic risk assessment, the impact of acquired brain injury on culpability in criminal proceedings and on capacity to parent.  I have also conducted assessments for HM Prison Service to determine outcome from group-based offender programmes.

I am the Consultant and Lead Neuropsychologist at West Park Hospital in Wolverhampton. I am also employed part-time at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Major Trauma Centre. I am the Consultant Neuropsychologist responsible for acute traumatic brain injury inpatients including direct work with TBI patients, training of staff and the development of TBI related protocols.

So if you would like to get in touch for a Neuropsychology assessment please email.

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