Update on our panel members

We are continuously expanding our services and our partnership experts.

If you are in need of medico-legal reporting services, please visit our reports page for details of our fields of medico-legal reporting.

Although we are based in the West Midlands, we provide a nationwide reporting and diagnostics service.

A little recap on our leading expertise;

Medico-legal neurologist Birmingham

Medico-legal neurologist London

Medico-legal neuropsychologist London

Medico-legal neuropsychologist Birmingham

Medico-legal neuropsychologist Whitney

Medico-legal neuroradiologist Birmingham

Medico-legal neuroradiologist Scotland

Medico-legal paediatric neurologist Birmingham

Medico-legal paediatric neurologist Liverpool

Medico-legal paediatric neurologist London

Medico-legal neurophysiologists

Medico-legal respiratory physician Birmingham

Medico-legal obstetrician and gynaecologist Birmingham

Medico-legal obstetrician and gynaecologist Birmingham



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